Aug. 22, 2020


From: VP-60 Newsletters
To: All Hands
Subject: VP-60 50th Reunion Update
Date: Sat, Aug 22, 2020 4:04 pm

Fellow Cobras:

Well this certainly has been a year to remember, a pandemic that seemingly doesn’t want to go away, civil unrest the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 60’s race riots and Vietnam protests and a political climate worse than pre civil war era. All of which has affected the economy of our great nation nearly as much as the Great Depression. Families having to make adjustments in their everyday lives by basically having to homeschool their children. Restrictions on social gatherings or even going to worship. One has to wonder when will things return to normal…or what IS the new normal.

With all of this uncertainty going on and after much discussion, the reunion committee regrettably has decided to postpone the upcoming June 2021 reunion for a year. This decision was reached for several reasons. Even though June 2021 seems like a long time from now, there are many arrangements that need to be made and quite a few venues are currently not easily booked. Many military facilities aren’t taking bookings for anyone other than active duty personnel. Social events that we would like to plan and arrange can’t be made at this time and we are not sure we can even make them in six months.

We are going to try and get a survey out in the near future to get some feedback on possibly changing the venue date and place given current circumstances.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to seeing everyone once we determine societies new normal.


Your Very Frustrated Reunion Committee