Feb 6, 2020


From: VP-60 Newsletters listmaster@vp60.com
To: All Hands
Subject: VP-60 Reunion 2021
Date: Thu, Feb 6, 2020 11:40 am

VP-60 Cobras:

After much discussion and research among the reunion committee, ok so there wasn’t really that much discussion or research, we would like to propose the following:

27 June 2021 (this is arrive Thursday and depart on Sunday)

Great Lakes, Ill.

Our reasoning for this is the fact that last two reunions have been Pensacola and Dayton Ohio. So we thought, given our 50 year anniversary, that it would be time to bring it back home so more people would be able to attend. Don’t get us wrong, those reunions were great with a good time had by all, but there were still plenty of people who were not able to attend because of travel restrictions. There were also some concerns because they began on a Monday / Tuesday and there are still a few of us younger ones who still work so we decided to move it to the back side of the week.

We would also like some feedback as to what activities you would like to see besides the meet and greet, afternoon picnic, and the business casual dinner. Some ideas are:

Cubs or White Sox ball game (if they are at home)
Golf outing
River cruise
Museum visit (ie: Harley Museum in Milwaukee)
Drunken brawl (suggested by some of the older Chiefs)

Any suggestions will be welcomed.

Keep in mind that these dates are not firm and no liaison has been
accomplished for lodging at Gateway Inns as of yet. Any and ALL input is greatly appreciated.

We’ll contact Great Lakes Lodging next month to find out particulars and send out another email.

In the meantime, your suggestions and comments are appreciated (note: if you have a suggestion that takes a lot of work, you may be placed on the

Your friendly Reunion Committee