2022 VP-60/VP-90 Reunion

Photos from Chris Lajiness

Photos from Tom Fitzgibbon

Photos from John Coan

Photo from Jed Holzapfel

Photos from Mike Herrin

Photos from Mike Reynierse

Eternal Patrol Powerpoint presentation by Ed Seykowski (Microsoft Powerpoint or compatible viewer required)

Eternal Patrol Powerpoint presentation by Ed Seykowski (PDF file, no audio)

Slideshow by Denny Barfuss 

These are not photos taken at the reunion. This is the slideshow we played at the dinners. This is a very large file. You will see this, you may have to wait a few minutes after clicking the link:

Google Drive has detected issues with your download
This file is too large for Google to scan for viruses.
This file is executable and may harm your computer.
slideshow.exe  (834M)

Download Anyway

You may safely click Download Anyway, it is virus-free and will not hurt anything.

Download it, save it, open it, slides will advance every 10 seconds. You can manually change slides with the space bar and backspace keys. Press Esc to close it.

For those of you who have a Mac that cannot run PC executables, below is a link for all the slideshow photos in a ZIP file:

Slideshow Photos by Denny Barfuss in ZIP format 

To download this, click the link, after a few minutes a blank preview window will open. In the upper right corner to the left of the Login button and 3 dots there is a down arrow, click it to download. Click Download Anyway on the page that opens.

The below videos were not taken at the reunion, they were played at the dinners.

VP-60 Video 1

VP-60 Video 2

VP-60 Video 3

VP-90 Video

(Hopefully) more to come later!

To contribute photos, please email them to pictures@vp60.com.